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Monday Roundup: Wrestlers on Social Media, Robby in PA, and Quick Notes

robby smith will be appearing at the beat the streets lancaster event on january 6th
Photo: John Sachs

Since Christmas weekend didn’t feature any events there is not a lot of news to get to. That’s not a problem, actually. For one thing, once January kicks into full-gear there will be plenty of action going on nearly every weekend in the US and elsewhere. Plus, having a little space on this Monday to hit the reset button should be welcomed. A decompression period. It’s also a good time to check in on how some US Greco Roman athletes and coaches acknowledged the holiday, of all places, on social media.

For all you Lowney fans.

Probably sound advice.

Wintry activity for Manville.

It’s always an adventure for this guy.

Hancock getting existential. 

Another head nod to the dieting disruption.

Usually, Miranda tweets insane things. This time, not so much. 

Whatever this is.

Right back atcha.

Robby Smith appearing at Beat the Streets Lancaster fundraiser

As part of the ongoing Beat the Streets “Victory Tour”, USA Greco’s bearded face of the program Robby Smith (130 kg, NYAC) will be appearing alongside other notable wrestling figures in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on Friday, January 6th. The event is co-sponsored by USA Wrestling the US Wrestling Foundation. If you remember, Smith performed MC duties at the Beat the Streets’ “United in the Square event back in May and the popular wrestler is an in-demand voice off the mat when he isn’t competing. Other familiar names who will be featured on January 6th include former US National Team head coach Steve Fraser and two-time NCAA champion Andy Matter. Tickets can be purchased here and run $150.00. If you are not able to attend, the organization will gladly accept donations of any amount.

What’s coming up here

  • The new “Coach Lindland’s Report” will be up tomorrow. Obviously with the Nationals having just taken place, most of the conversation centers around that as well as a couple of individual performances that stood out.
  • An interview with Kevin Radford. With Christmas and the hectic scheduling, we decided to hold back on getting this going but that, too, should be available soon enough.
  • Remember — this begins the year-end block party around here. Make sure you look out for what’s in store for you this week!

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Stay on top of USA Greco-Roman news, highlights, & interviews. We will NEVER give or sell your info to anyone!